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Cronimet Charity Foundation Supports School Students of Syunik Marz through Sponsorship of English-l

Cronimet Charity Foundation (CCF), the corporate social responsibility arm of the international copper mining company operating in Syunik Marz, has partnered with a Goris-based NGO to provide opportunity for English-language school students in Syunik. Partnership and Teaching NGO (P&T NGO) runs the National Poetry Recitation Contest (NPRC). CCF will be the 2018 sponsor of the regional contests to be held in Sisian, Goris and Kapan in March. The contest, now in its 8th year, challenges students from forms 7-12 to study, memorize and perform poetry in English. Students who are placed 1st for each form in each Syunik contest will go on to compete in the national finals to be held at the American University of Armenia (AUA) on Saturday May 5, 2018. These students will also be invited to participate in a summer camp for national finalists.

"Cronimet Charity Foundation's support of Syunik's English-language students creates several layers of opportunity for the brightest and best in our marz" says Artashes Torozyan, Executive Director of P&T NGO. "First, it allows us to make the contest truly accessible to students from villages where transportation can be a challenge. Now we can make sure students from Lor can travel to Sisian, and make sure students from the Artsakh border villages and as far south as Megri can make it to Goris and Kapan".

Torozyan continues: "CCF's sponsorship also follows 6 winners from each Syunik contest all the way to the national finals, and makes it possible for these 18 high-performers to take part in the summer school planned for June 2018. A great chance for Syunik's rising generation to develop a national peer and mentor network, and to enhance their academic and career opportunities".

Diana Avdalyan of CCF says: " The theme of this year's NPRC is 'What Makes Us Human' and our involvement with the poetry recitation contest is a very personal way for an international corporation to show its connection with the young people in the community where we work. Engineers, Geologists. Metallurgists and support staff working in 21st century mining need to speak English--the international language of business. We are thrilled to support language skills development for Syunik's rising generation--our workforce of tomorrow".

The Goris National Poetry Recitation Contest will take place at the Vagharsh Vagharshyan Drama Theater, Goris from 10am on Saturday March 10, 2018. In Kapan, students will compete on Saturday March 17, 2018 at the Cultural Center. In Sisian, the contest takes place on Saturday March 31 at the Sisian Cultural Center. All English-language students Forms 7-12 who wish to compete must register before March 2, 2018 at

Teachers and students (forms 7-12) who wish to know more about taking part in contests in Sisian, Goris and Kapan should contact, follow National Poetry Recitation Contest on Facebook, and check out

About Cronimet Charity Foundation.

The CRONIMET Charity Foundation (CCF) is founded in June 2011 by the CRONIMET Mining AG. As an international integrated commodity company CRONIMET ensures full integration of the value chain throughout its worldwide operations, including Mining, Metallurgy and Trading. Both primary and secondary raw materials operational cycles include the all activities from metals extraction to processing and delivering final product to the customers. Being a strategic investor in a every country it operates in, CRONIMET fully realizes its social responsibility and acknowledges the fact it has been entrusted with national treasure; as such special important and care is given corporate social responsibility and community development projects. The CSR projects mainly imply protecting people and nature through sustainable corporate management, as well as driving progress and development. Having established CRONIMET Charity Foundation, the company management created a tool to unite its various social commitments as a non-profit corporation to operate exclusively for public welfare, community involvement and charitable purposes. It is responsible for the administration and disbursement of charitable contributions received from founders, partners and other sources.

About Partnership and Teaching NGO

Partnership and Teaching NGO (P&T NGO) is a non-profit organization founded in 2000. We provide education and partnership to strengthen civil society in Armenia. We have offices in Goris and Yerevan, and work all over the Republic of Armenia. P&T NGO training, coaching and consulting services help Civil Society Organizations, educational organizations and local government develop institutional capacity that leads to effective operations—we’re a leading service provider working to support education management, innovation in education, inclusivity in education, community conflict resolution, community development, and civil society engagement. In 2017, we became the legal entity administering the National Recitation Poetry, Contest, Armenia, partnering each year with a committee of Peace Corps Volunteers and regional and national sponsors. In 2018, we have forged partnerships with the National Institute of Education and the American University of Armenia to advance the impact of NPRC. This collaboration with Dasaran is the next step in making the contest truly inclusive for English-language students (forms 7-12) all over Armenia. You can see the website for NPRC at

In 2009 Partnership and Teaching NGO was certified by Counterpart Armenia, which assessed our institutional capacity in compliance with international standards. The assessment was facilitated by USAID and Counterpart Armenia professionals, who evaluated organization management and governance, financial stability, external relations and quality control, human and material resources management, financial management, and grants management. Partnership and Teaching NGO’s certification confirms its reputation as a leading and reliable organization working to international standards.

About the National Poetry Recitation Contest.

Founded in 2010 in Hrazdan by a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, the National Poetry Recitation Contest is now in its eighth year and has grown to an annual event involving many hundreds of Armenian school students, forms 7-12 from every Marz. Students compete in English in one of 10 regional contests that take place in March. 60 national finalists will compete at AUA on Saturday May 5, 2018. The theme for 2018 is What Makes Us Human. Check to see this year’s poems and for details of how to enter. The National Poetry Recitation Contest is run by Partnership and Teaching NGO.

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