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About NPRC

The National Poetry Recitation Contest was created in 2010 by a Peace Corps Volunteer and her Armenian counterpart living in Hrazdan. The goal of the National Poetry Recitation Contest (NPRC) is to create an opportunity for Armenian students in forms 7-12 to enhance their spoken English, critical thinking and public speaking skills by studying and reciting poems

and speeches in English.Students also develop a valuable peer network of fellow English speakers from all over Armenia.


The competition consists of 3 stages that allow participants to showcase their knowledge of the English language. 

  • students work with teachers to identify, understand, memorize, and develop the presentation of the poem or speech they select from a choice provided for their forms. 

  •  Regional Competitions are held and those who earn first place are invited to compete in the national finals.

  •  National finals are held in Yerevan.  

Transportation is provided to regional and national contests, and there is no cost to a school or student to enter the contest. ​

Students are judged upon the accuracy of their pronunciation, interpretation and performance. This is not primarily.a test of memory.  The National Institute of Education (NIE) encourages schools to participate because NPRC is a powerful learning experience that helps students build confidence through healthy competition.  Lesson plans are created for each of the study choices so that the student can understand and appreciate the poems and speeches and learn how to talk about them in addition to their recitation.

NPRC is now in its 9th year and is in its 3rd year of partnering with the Partnership and Teaching NGO (P&T NGO), the administrators of the contest, located in Goris. Over these 9 years, NPRC has not only grown in numbers of participants, but in erudition. NPRC is excited to continue to expand in community and participation in the upcoming years, while uplifting our communities’ students.

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