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Teacher Guides

Please click on each link at the bottom of this page to find some notes that may help your students understand and discuss the poems for this year. You may also wish to discuss the theme of this year’s contest with your class: Change.


Choosing the poems and speeches to study.

From the list by form provided, you can select the poems/speeches for your students, or have individuals from each form pick a poem/speech they like. It is fine for students in each form to all study the same poem/speech—or for each to pick a different poem/speech from the list provided for their form.

Getting the most from the poems and speeches.

Encourage your students to read the poems on their own and generate questions and observations.

You can work on the poems/speeches with your kids in club or one-on-one, but try to get some in-class time, as well. Look at the teacher guides and think about how to adapt them. Since you’ll be discussing big ideas, much of the discussion will be in Hayeren, and that’s okay. This contest is about critical thinking as much as it is about learning English.

Students’ opinions, ideas, and experiences are important in discussions. There are no right or wrong answers (necessarily). “Critical thinking” requires analysis with an open mind rather than looking for an answer.

Help students not only memorize the poems/speeches, but work on pronunciation, gesture, intonation and facial expression. They will communicate the poem’s/speeches message through all of these. See the judging criteria here.

Selecting the students to perform at regional contests.

Depending on the number of students in each form who are interested in entering the contest, you may need to hold a school contest to select those students who will compete regionally. Please make sure your school contest takes place before the end of February 2019 and make sure you get your best reciters registered by March 2, 2019. Click to see all contest rules.

Make your school contest an event. Hold it in the auditorium or a large, comfortable room in the school. Design participation and 1st-3rd place certificates to state your school/village’s name and print some for the contests. Invite the Director, other teachers, parents, have students invite their friends. Find other judges in the area to balance out opinions.


Don’t forget: Students must be registered—5 per form—by March 2, 2019 to take part in your regional contest. Check out registration rules here.

Guides by Poem
Click on the links below to see their corresponding teachers' guide. * Indicates a speech.
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