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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Poetry Recitation Contest (NPRC?) 

The National Poetry Recitation Contest is a national, annual English-language competition for Armenian school students forms 7-12. 


Who can take part? 

Any Armenian school or college student forms 7-12 can take part. The contest is conducted in English, and has a specific curriculum featuring a choice of poems and speeches for each form. 


What poems/speeches are eligible for the contest?

You can see the 2019 curriculum for each form here.

What is the format of the contest? 

In January, a student and his/her teacher look at the curriculum offered for students in the correct form (7-12) and select an English-language poem or speech. Different students in the same form can choose different poems/speeches from the curriculum, or can all choose the same poem. The student studies, analyzes/interprets, memorizes and practices reciting the poem, with the support of the teacher, and the curriculum guide. In January/February, the teacher registers students for the regional contest nearest to the school. The registration form can be found here. Please read the rules before registering students. A full list of regional contests and dates can be found here. Those students (forms 7-12) who win first prizes in their regional contest will be invited to take part in the national finals to be held at the American University of Armenia (AUA) on Saturday May 4, 2019. Students selected to compete in the national finals will have to study, analyze/interpret, memorize and recite a different poem or speech in the national finals. The choice of poems for the national finals will be released on April 1, 2019.. 

Where do the regional contests take place?

You can find details of all  regional contests here. 


When do the regional contests take place? 

You can find the dates of regional contests here. 

What happens if a student cannot attend the regional contest on the date specified?

The student may choose to attend a contest in another region, but will have to organize his/her own transportation.

What happens if a student wins a regional first prize, but cannot attend the national finals in Yerevan on Saturday May 4, 2019? 

No other contestant may substitute for the missing student, and no other date will be provided for regional winner to compete. 

What are the judging criteria?

Please click here to see the judging criteria. 


Is there any charge to enter the contest? 

No. There is no charge and transportation costs for teachers and students can be covered. Please contact nprcarmenia if you have questions. 

I have ideas to improve the contest. Where should I send them?

Please contact Thank you for your interest and  support. 

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