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P&T NGO and X-Tech partner to launch NPRC app.

Thanks to support from Peace Corps, Artak Kalantarian, and many individual donors from all over the world, GUM is now partnering with Yerevan-based IT leader X-Tech (part of Arloopa) to develop a web app for the National Poetry Recitation Contest.

From 2020, every English-language learner aged 12-17 in Armenia will be able to take part in NPRC by shooting and uploading video and audio of their Recitation through the app

“Thanks to our new app students will not only improve their spoken English but will develop digital literacy skills” says GUM Executive Director Artashes Torozyan “believe it or not, employers want to hire people who are smart with their smartphones. Helping our rising generation to record high quality audio and video with their devices will provide them with useful job skills— and now thousands of students will be able to take part in NPRC. GUM is pleased to work with X-tech to innovate in education for Armenia’s young people”

In 2020 GUM will introduce a preliminary online round for NPRC, using the app. The best students will then be selected to perform on stages all over the country, competing to win a place in the national finals, and a stay at GUM’s prestigious summer Creative English camp.

2019’s NPRC is currently underway. More than 1000 students will take part in 12 regional contests. The finals will be held at AUA on Saturday May 4, 2019.

Photos feature GUM Executive Director Artashes Torozyan with X-Tech CTO Hayk Aslanyan and Arloopa founder and CEO Arman Atoyan.

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