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The 2017 Contest

In 2017, we had 453 students participate in 9 Regional Contests throughout Armenia. We were excited to have a 100-student increase from 2016, and an extra Regional Contest in the town of Sisian, Syunik Marz. Through surveys that we administered throughout these contests, 86% of students reported that their English improved due to this program, 66% reported actively using and learning from the curriculum we provided, and 98% of students said they would take part in the NPRC again in the future. Thank you to all of the students who participated for their contribution to the NPRC!

2017 Contest Detail

The poems in 2017 were selected based on our theme: The Futility of War. War is deep and complex and has impacted people all over the world, and continues to do so. It devastates communities, tears families apart and questions the role of humanity. Throughout the experiences reflected in the poems, we are reminded about the harm that war causes and why a call for peace is needed. The meaning of “peace” itself is ambiguous, but we hoped that our students would have the motivation to read, ask questions and search for their own answers.

Our students’ commitment to these topics made an impact on our judges and audience members, and you can see our winners by clicking the links below!

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